Clearinghouse Details

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Who Is Authorized to Query

The Clearinghouse will accept requests for information from state boards of dentistry, federal agencies, contracted clients and practitioners who request a self-query.

How to Become an Eligible Entity

To access the AADB Clearinghouse for Board Actions’ query system, a valid contract must be in place between the organization and the AADB. Simply download the AADB Application for a Contract and forward the completed form to the AADB Central Office via E-mail at or mail to the address on the application form.

Clearinghouse Contract

Schedule of Fees

Member State Dental Boards Fee: Enrollment is included in the board membership dues. The first 50 queries are free. After 50 queries annually, the rates listed below apply.

Contract Clients Enrollment and Set-Up Fee:  $200.00

Per Name Fee:

 # of Queries On-Line Submission Manual Submission
1 – 1000 $4.00 per name $6.00 per name
1001 – 5000 $3.50 per name $5.50 per name
5001 – 10000 $3.25 per name $5.00 per name
10000 and Over $3.00 per name $4.50 per name
Multiple User Fee: Per name fee multiplied by number of users Per name fee multiplied by number of users
Access Fee: $5.00 per use $5.00 for the first name on each batch

Methods of Payments

  • Point of Service – each request must be accompanied by payment (in full). Queries will not be processed without payment.
  • Credit – upon request, the AADB may establish a limited line of credit for your organization. Queries will be processed up to a pre-approved credit line.
  • Prepayment – may establish a draw account for anticipated usage. Advance payments to the AADB will be accepted on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. This method is strongly recommended for on-line users who would like to receive the full benefit of accelerated turnaround on queries.

How To Request A Self-Query

A request for information from an individual practitioner regarding his or her own file will be honored, provided the practitioner’s signature on the Self-Query Form is notarized. A practitioner will receive the same information as provided to other authorized entities.

Complete the Self-Query Form, notarize and mail to AADB. The cost is $10.00 per query. Please enclose a check or money order made payable to the American Association of Dental Boards, 211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 760, Chicago, IL 60611. The result of the self-query will be mailed in ten business days upon receipt of the self-query.

Self-Query Form

Accessing the Clearinghouse (Authorized Users Only)

Clearinghouse Login