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Who Is Authorized to Query

The Clearinghouse will accept requests for information from state boards of dentistry, federal agencies, contracted clients and practitioners who request a self-query.

How to Become an Eligible Entity

To access the AADB Clearinghouse for Board Actions’ query system, a valid contract must be in place between the organization and the AADB. Simply download the AADB Application for a Contract and forward the completed form to the AADB Central Office via E-mail at or mail to the address on the application form.

Clearinghouse Contract

Schedule of Fees

Member State Dental Boards Fee: Enrollment is included in the board membership dues. The first 50 queries are free. After 50 queries annually, the rates listed below apply.

Contract Clients Enrollment and Set-Up Fee:  $200.00

Per Name Fee:

 # of Queries On-Line Submission Manual Submission
1 – 1000 $4.00 per name $6.00 per name
1001 – 5000 $3.50 per name $5.50 per name
5001 – 10000 $3.25 per name $5.00 per name
10000 and Over $3.00 per name $4.50 per name
Multiple User Fee: Per name fee multiplied by number of users Per name fee multiplied by number of users
Access Fee: $5.00 per use $5.00 for the first name on each batch

Methods of Payments

  • Point of Service – each request must be accompanied by payment (in full). Queries will not be processed without payment.
  • Credit – upon request, the AADB may establish a limited line of credit for your organization. Queries will be processed up to a pre-approved credit line.
  • Prepayment – may establish a draw account for anticipated usage. Advance payments to the AADB will be accepted on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. This method is strongly recommended for on-line users who would like to receive the full benefit of accelerated turnaround on queries.

How To Request A Self-Query

A request for information from an individual practitioner regarding his or her own file will be honored, provided the practitioner’s signature on the Self-Query Form is notarized. A practitioner will receive the same information as provided to other authorized entities. The cost is $25 per query.

Complete the Self-Query Form, notarize it, and mail it to AADB. This form must be notarized. Notaries can be found at a bank or currency exchange. The form may not be faxed or emailed. Mail an original copy of the form to the American Association of Dental Boards, 211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 760, Chicago, IL 60611. Enclose a $25 check or money order made payable to the American Association of Dental Boards or provide the required credit card information. If paying with a money order, remember to sign the front.

The form is fillable, meaning you may type directly into the form. If you elect not to type, print legibly in ink. Unless noted, all information is required and must be completed in order to process the self-query.

A report will be mailed to you in an envelope within 10 business days from the date of receipt. For expedited service, enclose a pre-paid overnight label or pre-paid envelope. Upon receipt, do not open the AADB envelope. Provide the sealed envelope to your state dental board.

Texas Dental Assistants: If you are a first-time, unregistered dental assistant, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners no longer requires an AADB Self-Query, unless applying for a nitrous oxide permit. For more information, contact the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners at (512) 463-6400 or

Self-Query Form

Clearinghouse Login (Authorized Users Only)

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