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American Association of Dental Boards Foundation

Foundation Mission

The AADB Foundation is operated for the improvement of the oral health care of patients through research, scientific discovery, publication, and training for agencies that regulate oral health care professions and protect the public in licensing jurisdictions throughout the United States.

About the Foundation

The AADB Foundation is organized and will function as a scientific and educational organization as defined in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”). The Foundation will improve the safety of oral health care delivery by fostering improvement in licensing and regulation of the dental professions through research and the exchange of information.

The Foundation will seek grants to research emerging trends in professional regulation, new regulatory procedures, new or innovative professional regulatory board activity, and the efficacy of action taken by regulating boards as they attempt to regulate the profession and protect the safety of the nation’s oral health care consumer. Research conducted will produce reports and documents that will inform current and future regulatory board members regarding best practices and that will assist in promoting uniform standards for effective professional regulation. Uniform standards enable consistency in the standards, which facilitate mobility for professionals providing oral health care services.

The Foundation’s research will be conducted by AADB members, regulatory board members, staff, and outside consultants with subject matter expertise. Research activity may be conducted within a single jurisdiction or across regulatory jurisdictions. The AADB Foundation will operate from the AADB office in Chicago; however, research activity may be conducted by members or consultants in any licensing jurisdiction or combination of jurisdictions.

The AADB Foundation will be funded by foundation, corporate, or government grants. Funds will be used to support research, including but not limited to, data collection and analysis, review of findings, and compilation and dissemination of white papers or reports in whatever form may be deemed the most effective and cost efficient for the involved communities of interest.

Foundation 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Luis J. Fujimoto (NY), President
Robert B. Zena (KY), Vice President
James A. Sparks (OK), Treasurer
Susan Johnston (OH), Secretary
Eva Ackley (FL), Trustee
Jill M. Burns (IN), Trustee
John Carbery (WA), Trustee
Mark Christensen (UT), Trustee
Norman D. Magnuson (OR), Trustee
Richard Hetke (IL), Executive Director

Foundation Publications