D-PREP Background Information

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The American Association of Dental Boards (AADB) has partnered with the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Marquette University School of Dentistry and Louisiana State University School of Dentistry to offer a Dentist Professional Review and Evaluation Program (D-PREP), the intent of which is to detect and evaluate deficiencies in dental practitioners referred to the program by their boards. In the ongoing effort to protect the public, the program has been designed to identify practitioners who either need remediation or who should not continue in the practice of dentistry. Dental practitioners will be assessed and have the opportunity to participate in a remediation program that will address these deficiencies with the goal of returning to dental practice.

Incorporated in 1883, the AADB is the parent organization representing state dental boards whose responsibility is to ensure the public’s safety by monitoring practitioners who do not meet acceptable standards of dental practice.

The universities involved are among the preeminent dental schools in the country with state-of-the-art equipment and the highest caliber of dental professionals.

After completion of the disciplinary process, state dental boards are sometimes faced with deciding whether or not a practitioner can safely return to practice and, if so, is there a remediation protocol to address the clinical deficiencies which resulted in the board actions. Current assessments do not adequately address the evaluation of a dentist’s general clinical knowledge and judgment and its impact on clinical treatment. In the case where a respondent’s deficiencies are so significant as to restrict the ability to practice or provide a complete discipline of service, D-PREP will provide dental boards with a standardized and comprehensive assessment and, if appropriate, remediation curriculum.

Critical care can be compromised by cognitive issues, deficiency in the knowledge of appropriate clinical techniques, hand skills, general clinical knowledge, ethical issues and appropriate judgment in diagnosis and treatment planning. During a disciplinary and hearing process, state dental boards most often focus on the treatment provided and are usually ill-equipped to determine the reasons for poor clinical care. This program will address the question, “Is remediation possible?” If it is determined that remediation is appropriate, the applicant will complete the remediation curriculum at a state board approved location.

Currently, state dental boards often prescribe remediation without a background analysis or rationale. Most assessment services offer a hand skills performance examination, usually on a simulated platform such as a mannequin. This process provides little information not already determined by the hearing process when examining the actual clinical treatment on patients. D-PREP evaluators will undertake a comprehensive, 4-5 day, 360 degree assessment of the dentist’s fitness for practice. The written assessment will highlight all practice deficiencies and recommend a program for remediation to address those deficiencies.

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