Expert Review Assessment

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The American Association of Dental Boards has launched the Assessment Services Program (ASP), a comprehensive program of services designed to assist dental boards throughout the disciplinary process. One of the major components of the program is Expert Review Assessment (ERA). Please note that this program is for dental boards only.

The Expert Review Assessment program is a service provided to dental boards in need of an independent expert review in a disciplinary case. The AADB will refer the state dental board to a specially trained expert assessor who will review the practitioner’s patient care and treatment and/or the practitioner’s conduct and offer an opinion regarding whether or not that care, treatment and conduct met applicable standards.

Those boards interested in participating will fill out a request form accompanied by a nonrefundable $2,500.00 fee sent to the American Association of Dental Boards. It will be the state dental board’s responsibility to supply the AADB with all necessary documents which will be forwarded to the expert assessor.

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