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$1,000.00 – Application Fee

In many cases, the outcome of the D-PREP assessment is Remediation. Based on the assessment, a customized curriculum to address the specific deficiencies is developed by an AADB approved dental school. The remediation courses are intense refresher courses in the identified areas requiring in-depth study to bring the candidate’s knowledge up to the standard of practice. The following sites are available for remediation:

  • University of Maryland
  • Louisiana State University
  • Marquette University
  • Nova Southeastern University

Each component of the assessment program will address areas which need remediation with an expectation the activities will assist in changing the candidate’s ethical and clinical behavior and knowledge.

The remediation program is not a continuing education course. It is an intense, customized program, intended to improve the participant’s knowledge and understanding of critical components of high quality dental care and achieving accepted levels of the standard of care. The AADB Remediation Program is national in scope, using premier dental schools as sites and a shared curriculum guide to create minimum standards for the training component. The program is recognized by state dental boards as meeting remediation expectations for a dental professional to be considered for re-licensure.

Entry – Individuals may be referred directly to remediation for clearly identified deficiencies based on board investigation or as a result of D-PREP assessment.

Remediation Application